How I Built A 6 Figure Dropshipping Store In 2023?

From ZERO to 169 000 in 15 Days

in just about 15 days all right what’s going on, so here I want to share with you,How I was able to Build A 6 Figure Dropshipping Store In 2023? from zero to 169 000 in just about 15 days and what I’m going to do in this article is I’m going to break down the ads and the ad set to help you earn a dime over the internet.

6 Figure Dropshipping Store
6 Figure Dropshipping Store

How i was able to do that? 

The process, recommendations and also tell you exactly how you can do this for your own stores once you find the right winning products all right so let’s dive right into my ad account.

So the store that I’m going to be showing you here is a store called UPthreads and it’s a store that you know i built just for fun a while ago and I was like okay let’s try  the men’s niche.

Let’s try clothing and sunglasses and like jackets and pants and shirts like button-downs polos etc sweaters and all kinds of stuff.I wanted to test this market and Whenever i test the market what i like to do is I like to validate the products first. 

To initiate the process find a product that people actually like that they want and something that really resonates with this market inside the men’s niche .

So my Product Validation is a three-step process


-5/6 $ for shipping 

-Good market capture(selling it in bulk).

My product just has a wide appeal not just to specific people like people who like golf and people who like dogs but to everybody. Only one product that I can sell that appeals to everyone that you know breathes and is a male and is like within the age group of 18 to 65 what is this one thing so I decided that I should be selling sunglasses and so um i found sunglasses like these um this isn’t the exact product.

But I’ll show you the exact product so I was able to find sunglasses very similar to these and what I did was I utilized a technique called free plus shipping .

Results of Free plus shipping technique 

So I launched this store on a Thursday, May 28th and so may 28th was the launch date the first day it did twenty 224 $s and on the second day so the second dated 2996$ the 3rd it did  6439$dollars the the 4th day it did 18,823$ 

Now you’re thinking you’re like wow that was just in four days imagine .

What can happen in four days a lot can happen in four days if you have the right product the right strategies and the market that is hungry for this product now on the fifth day it did 29,440$.

That’s all that’s what a lot of stores do in a single month that was just in one day.

On the 6th day , the average dollars (5th+6th days combined)=29000$, On 7th day it did 15028$, On the 8th day 14097$, and On the 9th day, 12013$, and then back to like hundred like one is when i stopped the ads completely we actually ran out of this product.

I stopped ads because we sold it so fast within like 15 days our supplier didn’t have enough in stock and so they couldn’t keep up with our demands so we sold out of these products.

So we have to sell like different products like this, How did I do this and how can you do this for your store I’m gonna tell you a strategy right now that you can use and utilize for your own stores.

If you’re doing drop shipping if you’re doing uh regular brands like we have our own brands as well if you’re doing anything other you know if you’re just launching ads for clients or if you’re launching ads for let’s say lead generation this can also work the same way so let’s head over to my ad account here.

I want to share with you how this all works so I did have limits on my ad account so the limits were five thousand dollars and so I couldn’t spend over  5000$ a day until I think it was like the fourth or fifth day when I asked Facebook to increase that limit which they increased it to 7 500 a day.

I spend so the first day was on the 28th so let’s head over to the 28th this was on a Thursday so like I said I actually launched this during a training webinar with my students and so it had spent 192 dollars.

This is totally dependent on the mentality behind it, so We spent 192$, but we only made 229$. How did we scale the next day from 229 dollars in sales?-The GAMECHANGER HACK.

224 dollars in sales to 2996 in sales that’s 10x what it did the day before so on the 29th May 2020, I spent 1000$ so you’re thinking okay you’re crazy like you went from spending 190 and not even breaking profit and losing money on the first day and then making money on the second day after spending three times or five times more on the first day.

In total I spent 200$ bucks on the first day and the second thousand dollars and that thousand dollars resulted in about three thousand dollars in sales the next day then it was six thousand dollars in sales and let’s take a look at what that spend was the next day this was a Saturday as well so on Saturday,I spent 1842$ so almost 2000$ and it generated me about 6439$, so the next day, it made me 8823$ and so now I started to increase the advertising cost.

4609$ spent and 8000$ return the next day was 29,000$ return and so I think this was when I actually hit the cap of 5000$ investment. Now this day I spent five thousand dollars in this account and it made thirty thousand dollars.

Imagine all these sales were coming in super quickly so what I was able to do is I was able to do a lot of optimizations quick as well so I added things like cart hook I added upsells I added different types of products that they can purchase at discounts like bundles so I was able to do a lot of optimization very quickly.

 Another thing I did was I changed the pricing from 997$ to 1297$ on the shipping price. Once I started to see some good traction and this alone increased the margins dramatically.

I think it was like we had 50$ more revenue for each sale by increasing it from 997$ to 1297$ so it was a huge difference in the revenues on the margin side so going from like 50 margins to 30 margins roughly on each product.It actually helped me out.

The next thing was I had to scale down on Monday because this was when my supplier is like hold on mode supplier claimed “you’re going too fast.”

So my supplier was like hey hold on you’re going too fast you can’t sell because we’re just trying to keep up with your orders here and so imagine you know like 4000 purchases a day etc like they can’t keep upright.

At this point, I had to slow down the ads and start slowing it down so the product  that was sold was actually which was this one right here it was just these sunglasses

From the customer support perspective, I would say I would attribute two things to how this store was able to do 169k$ in 15 days.

 Two Key points to take home.

-Potential in Facebook ads

-The Product with a clear USP(unique selling point).

We also maintained our customer engagement to close sales.

  1. Replying to the comments 
  2. Making phone calls
  3. Replying to emails

This really helped us through this journey.

The only reason how this store was able to scale that fast was that people were seeing the comments section and they were replying to things like oh I’m also going to buy mine oh I got mine already so like they wouldn’t have said that if they didn’t see other people saying I just purchased, I just ordered 

They wouldn’t be saying that social proof plays a huge role in your success so if you’re selling anything you’re selling water you’re selling vitamins you’re selling snowboards right the social proof element is a huge success.


Case study: Selling Snowboards

So if you’re selling snowboards you’re going to be selling you know you’re going to try to find the Olympic athlete that broke gold medals and utilize your snowboards that’s the social proof element.

Case study: Selling Sunglasses

 if you’re selling sunglasses you want to be able to see that people are wearing these sunglasses they’re ordering them it’s all legit you’re replying to them through your comments the social proof element is the key to success.

There are many keys to success they’re like if you add if you had a door for success it would have like 50 keys and you can’t open that door unless all 50 keys have been turned.

 So there are many keys to success but customer support is one of the keys to success how we were able to scale that fast because they were seeing the comments being replied to instantly we had 24-hour,24/7 support on there.

I had someone in there physically type you know replying to each and every single comment, so a comment would come in on our ads they would reply to it a comment would come in boom reply to its reply.

The Last Tip-Macdonald Strategy.

Make sure that you say that you know um tag us on Instagram tag us on Facebook that was a huge factor that made people purchase because then they’re like okay oh I’m really gonna get these products so I’m gonna tag you guys on Instagram and Facebook.

 McDonald’s founder in the movie Ray Kroc says you know why McDonald’s didn’t change the franchise name to something else, he said McDonald’s is american mcdonald’s sounds american you want it you want to go into you know a restaurant that says McDonald’s it’s the same way as your brand name

It sounds really awesome it sounds very cool very straight to the point and it sounds great and so combining all these things together all of these keys made a huge impact on our sales.


 This is how we were able to make 6 Figure Dropshipping Store from 0 to 169000$ in 15 days. That’s How I started funding up, got failed in the initial steps but customer support let me win over those 20 competitors of my niche. I hope you got the troubling key in your success.

I am not making a course on it, just keeping this blog for you to read for free. I hope you liked my efforts, please do share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

The Unanswered Question

What are your thoughts in terms of launching and running dropshipping stores if it’s still a viable thing it still is even ? let us know in the comments.

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