Become Successful Content Writer earn by writing content 2023

Make around 1000$ earn by writing content for text broker

Are you looking for a way to make money doing something you’re passionate about? If so, you’re in luck! Writing articles is a fantastic opportunity to turn your creative skills into a profitable venture in 2023.

With the ever-growing presence of the internet and the increasing demand for quality content, there has never been a better time to take advantage of your writing abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or starting to develop your skills, this guide will show you how to turn your writing into a lucrative online income. So, let’s dive in and explore this exciting opportunity!

earn by writing content
earn by writing content

What to do

Let’s get started to do that we’re gonna make use of text broker and as soon as you’re here you want to switch over to this section that says I write content because that’s exactly what we’re interested in with text broker you’re writing Talent pays off but here’s the thing about it we’re gonna make use of some tools that will make the whole process a lot easier for you so you don’t necessarily need to be the most talented writer to pull this off I’ll tell you exactly how that works in just a second, for now, let’s see how much takes broker can pay you because I know you’re all about the exact figures we want to do is click on the free author registration option and then sign up as an author that will allow you to enter in your credentials and move forward and guys have to know this.

How much money can you make

Unlike other websites where it’s not clear how much money you’re gonna get paid when it comes to text broker things are 100 transparent now look at this they have a system that will give your text a quality rating that will range from 1 to 5-star hours depending on the quality of your rating you will get paid a certain rate per word.

which means that if you qualify as three out of five you will get 1.1 cents per word if you get a top quality rating then you will get about five times as much that’s a significant difference and that opens up a very interesting possibility and that is calculating our estimated earnings before even starting this process so you can determine from the get-go whether or not this is worth your time for that matter I’m just going to suppose that we will get a quality rating of 4 stars out of 5.

let’s say that we don’t get that top quality 4 stars out of 5 shouldn’t be too far-fetched so let me just pick that now if you write a 1000-word article that will be about sixteen dollars if you increase the word count and go up to 1500 that’s an extract 24 dollars that you make if you raise the bar to 3 000 words let’s say you’re making 48 dollars which is not so bad but just to help you guys put things in perspective when you want to do is aim for the 5 Star Quality rating because that’s where you can set yourself apart from the crowd and make some good amounts of money

If I increase our quality rating by only one star we’re gonna get from 48 dollars to 165 dollars and that is quite the jump you can also see this for a shorter article that’s only 1 000 words long we’re jumping from $16 up to $55. so that’s what you want to aim for now if we take a step back and think about the way this works it’s a very clear concept it’s straightforward a client connects to and they head over to this section called I need content what’s gonna happen is that after they submit their details and requirements and pay for the project text broker will search for someone willing to complete that assignment and if that’s you they will give you a certain percentage of their money.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody you get paid for your effort the client gets a high-quality piece of text and text broker is also keeping a cut because they are the middle man but guys let me tell you something I’m gonna be 100 honest getting a 3 out of 5 quality rating is not too far-fetched and if you’re good you can even get up to four stars but to get a perfect quality rating you need to be extremely good so here’s a shortcut this is a trick that you can Implement in less than 30 seconds that will increase the quality of your text exponentially believe it or not.

How to become a Successful Content Writer earning 1000$ monthly

The use of AI 

we’re gonna make use of artificial intelligence to do that more precisely I want you guys to head over to and then open chat GPT there’s a pretty good chance you might have heard about Chat GPT it’s really popular right now and it’s got some insane capabilities as soon as you open a portal where you get to interact with the AI you can actually get an idea of its capabilities it can remember what users said earlier in the conversation because it’s a language model so you can talk to it as if you’re talking to a real person but that is a little bit strange so let’s not do that we’re gonna use it for a very clear purpose and that is improving our writing it also allows you to provide follow-up Corrections it is trained to the decline inappropriate requests it can do some really impressive things but here’s something it cannot do it’s got limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 because he cannot access the internet so cha GPT is working with a huge database a lot of information but it’s not up to date and so if your client is asking for an article that is about some very recent news then Chat GPD will not be able to create that content for you and that’s not a problem because we’re not going to use chat GPT to write our articles let me show you why that is so important to understand once again chat GPT is a language model and not a Content writing tool truth be told.

I could tell you something like this write me an article about climate change or whatever and it’s gonna do that it will search through its database find some useful information and bring it over to me in the format of an article let me just stop generating this you got the idea so it will follow my instructions but there is a huge problem when it comes to that if actually copy this article right here and then I connect to and run it through a plagiarism check it is most of the times going to fail it

Mistakes to avoid

let me illustrate that I’m just going to open a new document paste it in then head over to the plagiarism option right here and Grammarly will search through billions of different web pages looking for duplicates and as you can see 17 is copied from this article another 30 matches this Source right here and another 24 matches this one so this is not original content chat Gpt will basically find bits of information from his database and glue them together that’s what it does and that’s a big problem because text broker only accepts original content so that is something you want to keep in mind you cannot just take the assignments that you get from your clients in the movie to charge chat Gpd ask you to do them and then send them back over to your client it doesn’t work like that text broker will not accept your application your texts will not be accepted either so you’re not gonna end up making any cash you’re just wasting your time that is the wrong way to use chat Gpd.

The correct method

The correct method to remember our ultimate goal here is getting our text quality from 3 or 4 stars out of 5 which is achievable by yourself to a 5 star rating and that’s what Chat GPT can help us with it can help us improve the quality of our texts instead of writing them from scratch now for the sake of Simplicity I’m just going to use this paragraph here for reference and here’s what I’m gonna do next I’m just gonna ask chat Gpt to improve that text for me remember this is a language model so you can just send the requirements in a natural voice as if you’re talking to a real person you don’t have to send any Specific Instructions you don’t need to do any coding you will understand your requirements it will understand the instructions and execute them and it is actually going to improve your text and you can even be a little bit more specific you can ask  chat gpt to make that text a little bit more readable you can even ask it to add humor look can you add humor to this and it is going to take the reference text and actually add humor which is quite insane to to me climate change the Ultimate Party Crasher just when he thought it was safe to wear shorts only around and forget about shoveling snow bam temperature and weather patterns go Haywire all thanks to our own human activities like burning fossil fuels and whatever you’ve got a point here what is for sure is that chat gpt but he has got some insane capabilities and again you don’t have to take my word for it you can see it for yourself that’s how you want to use it.

Do not use it to create content from scratch because that’s not original but you want to make use of chat GPT to improve your content and that is very valuable again it can take a $16 article to a $55 article that’s a huge difference.

Problems you might face 

At this time if you want to sign up on text broker as an author you won’t be able to as you might see they are not taking any new applications right now but they will be happy to welcome you at the beginning of Spring so that’s gonna be about a month from now and that’s why you want to stay up to date and make sure that you’re one of the first people to apply for this position as soon as text broker start starts accepting new applications speed is pretty important here.


If you want to connect to a very similar website that also pays you for writing articles that’s you want to switch over to this section that says write content and that will allow you to send in your application however to pass this test you will have to complete a quick assignment you will need to write a 200-word article on this topic right here the number one way a company can be successful with social media marketing and pay attention to this your article must be a hundred percent original not 80, not 75 or 100 your application will be immediately rejected if plagiarism is detected by copy scheme so you want to stay away from that the best way to do it is as follows you want to take your time to do the research come up with your article that is 100 original that uses your wording and to make it a little bit higher quality you want to ask chat GPT for improvements.


The Perfect combo is you’re doing the work you’re yourself to earn by writing content and then you’re using one of the best tools out there powered by artificial intelligence to take your content quality to the next level that’s the way to go now if you search the web you will find a few different text broker Alternatives that will pay you for writing content and you can even do this as a freelancer or not work for instance and you can use the same process you can write your articles or whatever piece of content your client requests and then you can use chat GPT for improvements but from my experience and from Reading other people’s reviews text broker and iwriter seem to be the best options to earn by writing content however guys you’ve got everything it takes to make this work.

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